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MyBusStop.com is helping to protect our nations children while providing a valuable service to their parents.
High Technology Helping Keep Children Safe

Parents face many problems in today's world and trying to schedule family, work and free time can be difficult. Part of that important schedule is dropping the kids off and picking them up at the bus stop.

Many times the bus will arrive late, frustrating the parents with no real solution. MyBusStop.com delivers real solutions for parents and school districts alike.

Keep both your child and your schedule safe.

The mission at MyBusStop.com is to create a communication link between parents and school districts using today's technology. Most mobile phone users are very familiar with text messaging and rely on it to communicate with a vast number of people. MyBusStop.com brings this technology to the school bus system as an automated solution.

Text messaging is the most widely used mobile data service, with 74% of all mobile phone users worldwide using it daily. People are very familiar with text messaging and the benefits it brings. Text messaging is most often used between private mobile phone users, as a substitute for voice calls in situations where voice communication is impossible or undesirable.

All of this is possible using MyBusStop.com!

As good as text messaging is for individuals, it is a logistical nightmare for large scale communication, until now! Imagine sending a text message to all parents 5 or 10 minutes before the bus reaches their stop or sending parents a notification that the bus is going to be late today. MyBusStop.com makes that connection between school districts and parents, giving them timely information at their fingertips. Students no longer need to stand waiting in the dark, cold or wet conditions waiting unnecessarily for long periods of time at the bus stop and parents no longer need to be late to work because they had to wait with their child at the bus stop. School districts no longer need to answer the many phone calls from parents who are wanting to know where is my bus!

Running a timely and efficient school bus system is difficult enough without all of the additional problems that occur without notice or warning: a driver gets sick, a bus malfunction, and traffic gridlock. Imagine text messaging all of the parents on the effected route, letting them know of the delay and how the pickup timing will be affected. This is just one of the benefits of MyBusStop.com. All notifications are completely automatic and will not require the bus driver to do anything additional while driving their route.

School districts actually make money!

In addition to bringing a valuable and needed service to parents, the MyBusStop.com vision is to also bring some great scheduling, communication and tracking tools to school districts at absolutely no cost! In fact, with the MyBusStop.com rebate program, most school districts will actually receive money back for using this system.


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Your child's safety and comfort is our mission.
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Parent receiving text message informing them of the location of their child's bus.
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No more waiting and wondering when the bus will arrive!
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